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Five ways cloud storage can help your veterinary practice

In 2019, it’s safe to say that the applications of cloud technology have long since made their way into most of our lives on a recreational basis. While many of us are familiar with using cloud storage to keep photos and other personal documents, few veterinarians have considered the positive impacts the cloud could have on the day-to-day running of their businesses. Let’s consider why they could be missing out.

1) More efficient time management

In the busy world of veterinary medicine, most practitioners will spend their days administering vaccines, explaining to customers how to care for injured animals and writing out prescriptions. However, it’s all too easy over the course of the working week to spend time filing paperwork, hunting down laboratory results, tracking financial statements and generally getting bogged-down in administrative tasks, when time could be better spent doing practical, hands-on work. Data is crucial to any vet’s practice, and expensive server installations, maintenance and troubleshooting only steal time and resources from patients. With a cloud storage solution, veterinarians can get on with the task of tending to animals, safe in the knowledge that the support network which comes as part of a cloud package like scil Cloud provides a safety net for all technical issues.

2) More accessible data

Cloud storage solutions keep all information online instead of resigning it to a single computer or server, which means it can be accessed from anywhere. This makes working off-site much easier, as it allows field-based veterinarians to check the medical records of animals they treat without having to spend time making phone calls or taking trips back to the office. Cloud-based data has another advantage – if a computer crashes, it won’t mean there’s a loss in productivity. Simply access your data from another device and keep the working day running smoothly.

3) Secure data

scil Cloud uses secured, verified and encrypted channels to transfer information from the cloud to your device. This means your business and your customers remain protected against any potential data breaches.

4) Scalability

When businesses experience growth, the costs incurred can sometimes cause detrimental cashflow problems. The good news is that cloud-based data solutions are scalable and it’s easy to upgrade incrementally as your business grows, instead of having to shell out for an expensive server when moving to bigger premises, for example.

5) Helpful features

Respected veterinary management software like scil Cloud comes with all the features needed to easily archive, view and share images. . In veterinary medicine, organisation is vital - and with powerful tools at your disposal, you’ll be equipped to deal with all manner of queries, administration and customer management with one simple, easy-to-use package. If your veterinary practice is interested in utilising cloud storage solutions to improve productivity and streamline working practices, why not allow the scil animal care company to talk you through the benefits of bringing your business into the modern age? For more information, simply contact us at 1-866-382-6937 or request a callback via our website.