Is Your Vet a scil Vet?

scil animal care company specializes in Veterinary Diagnostic equipment. Our goal is to provide veterinarians with technologically advanced products that adapt easily to a variety of practice styles and situations. We specialize in: Hematology Analyzers, Diagnostic Chemistry Analyzers, Ultrasound, Dental Radiography, Computed Radiography (CR), Digital Radiography (DR),  continuing education and Orthopedic Implants and Tools.



In-House Laboratory

Most veterinarians now have in house laboratory equipment. This means that they can run blood tests in just minutes while you wait. This is helpful for wellness checks and pre-surgery testing. In-house laboratory equipment can be useful in diagnosing and monitoring many illnesses: liver disease, diabetes, thyroid disease and more. Ask your Veterinarian if they have an in house laboratory.

Has your veterinarian asked you to fast your pet?

Here's why:

Lipemia is extra lipids (fat) that is present in blood after you eat (even if it's just a little). Lipemia looks yellow or white and is usually cloudy and opaque. This can interfere with blood tests. That is why in both human and veterinary medicine patients are asked to fast before having their blood drawn. This helps to ensure the most accurate results and eliminates the need for re-testing.

Annual Wellness Exams and Blood Testing Brochure



Heartworm Testing

Both dogs and cats (even indoor) are at risk for heartworm disease. Heartworm disease is transmitted from an infected animal to dogs and cats by mosquitoes. Most patients don’t show any symptoms until it is too late. That is why routine testing and preventative medication is so important. Ask your Veterinarian about the Solo Step Heartworm test today.

Brochure - Heartworm Disease in Cats
Brochure - Heartworm Disease in Dogs


Dental Health

Did you know that symptoms such as abnormal drooling, bad breath, red & swollen gums, tartar or one-sided chewing may be signs of underlying dental issues, or sometimes there are no symptoms at all. Routine Veterinary check-ups along with dental x-rays are important. This will help your Veterinarian identify and treat problems before they start. Ask your veterinarian if they use digital dental x-ray. Digital dental allows for easy re-takes, exposes your pet to less radiation and is environmentally friendly.

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Ultrasound has quickly become a standard of care in most veterinary clinics. It is quick and non-invasive and can allow you’re veterinarian to expedite diagnosis and treatment. 

Digital X-Ray

Unlike in human medicine, every veterinarian office has an x-ray machine, and most have transitioned to digital x-ray. Digital x-ray offers many benefits such as exposure to less radiation, easier re-takes and it’s environmental friendly.


Continuing Education

 Did you know that Veterinarians are required to continue their education throughout their careers? scil vet academy helps to improve veterinarian’s skills through seminars and wet labs in radiography, ultrasound, and orthopedic surgery. Your veterinarian does this to give your pet the most up to date and advanced care possible.