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Buy Any Digital X-Ray & Get A Free Firefly

The Firefly DE551 is the industry’s leading wireless high precision digital video otoscope with image & video capture capabilities. Ideal for dental, dermal, nasal and rectal exams. This powerful tool which can be used for client education, veterinary training & in electronic patient records.

 Image Pilot Sigma by Konica Minolta
The Image Pilot CR system requires no changes to your current X-Ray room and best of all the built in AutoPilot Image Processing eliminates steps and allows users to produce consistent, high quality images out of the box with minimal instruction. The user interface is simple, easy to use, yet feature rich.

scil IPS & scil IPS Mobile
The scil IPS® System is a flat panel system that offers automatic image processing & optimal quality. Our Flat Panel DR fits into most current X-ray systems with minor retrofit. scil IPS mobile is rugged, compact suitcase solution saves on time and space with improved workflow like never before & superior image quality in just 2 seconds!

Call us today at 1.866.382.6937 to schedule your appointment with one of our imaging specialists and find out how you can receive your FREE Firefly Otoscope with your new digital X-ray purchase. Hurry, offer ends 6/24/16.