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OrthoZip Lateral Stabilization

Sturbridge, MA, June 30, 2015- "We are proud to receive our first of many patents!" Stated Harry Wotton, founder and design engineer at Everost. "I have been designing implants for veterinary orthopedics for 20 years and when they're novel enough for patent protection it's a real accomplishment and we hope it shows our dedication to the market." says Harry.

Everost is dedicated to the continued development of new and improved implants an systems. We work closely with the most talented surgeons across the globe to ensure our efforts are focused on real problems. Our goal is to help patients heal faster and more naturally.

scil animal care company is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Everost. For more information call us today at 1-866-382-6937 and ask to speak with one of our orthopedic specialists or shop online at www.scilvetshop.com.