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Current Issue:

March 2019

Features:  Preventative Gastropexy and its Benefits, Therapeutic Laser Case Studies, Meet your new Junior Orthopedic Product Manager,  Why cats don’t go to the vet, Gift of a second change campaign update

Previous Issues:

 December 2018

Features: Your New Orthopedic Product Specialist, Christmas Promotions, Planning Dental Month, Surgical Instrument Care Guide, Share Your Voice and more!

September 2018

Features: Are your x-rays safely stored? Blood Typing, Learning Abroad, RVT Month, Share Your Voice 

June 2018

Features: Does your surgical protocol need a little CPR?,  Summer Contest, The Drive To Give Back

March 2018

Features: Point Of Care Ultrasound Podcast, The Future Of Veterinary Medicine: Open Hospitals, Gift Of A Second Chance Campaign Update, What’s new in Extracapsular Cruciate Repair? ... A Lot! 

December 2017

Features:‘tis the season of giving, Accute Phase Protein, Equine Musculoskelatal Ultrasound, Care for your team, Care for yourself, Important Inventory Notice 

September 2017

Features: Selfie Contest Winners,  Take Your Dog To Work Day,  Learning From Our Partners Across The Pond,  Congratulations You’re Pregnant..Now What?,  Welcome Courtney, New To scil Vet Academy, A General Practitioner’s Guide To The Daily Use Of Point Of Care Ultrasound In Small Animals, Tech Week Sneak Peek

June 2017

Features: Special Canada 150 issue! Selfie Contest, #NoHotPets, Ultrasonography & Intestinal Foreign Body: To cut or not to cut...making a diagnosis more reliable, Happy 150th Canada, New - Bile Acids

March 2017

Features: Heartworm Testing: Screening Patients to Save Lives and Decrease Risk of Infection, A Look Inside A Blood Donor Program, Join Our Team, and more!




December 2016

Features:Radiation Safety for Small Animal Practices, Planning for Dental Month, Help Us Give This Holiday Season

September 2016

Features: Veterinary Dental Radiography-Part 2 Interpreting Veterinary Dental Radiographs For Short-Term And Long-Term Interpretation Using The Casa Loma Mnemonic, continuing education and seminar schedule, Promoting your clinics equipment, scil cares, Get our new app!


June 2016

Features: Veterinary Dental Radiography-Part 1 Conventionally Readying Veterinary Dental Radiographs for Short-term and Long-term Interpretation Using the Casa Loma Mnemonic, Fall Education Schedule, New Products - Axis Q, Get the new scil App

March 2016

Features: The Top 5 Red Blood Cell Pathologies, scil Cares – see how we are giving back, Join our team – 2 career positions posted, New Products to scil and more!

December 2015

Features: 5 Tips to Help Get Your Practice 5-Star Reviews, Planning Dental Month, Radiology Retreat, Help Us Give This Holiday Season

September 2015

Features: Global F.A.S.T. Part 3: Using Ultrasound in Dogs and Cats as an Extension of Your Physical Exam, Walking for a Cause, Leisure & Learning in Banff, Power of Partnership, Bringing Home PanAm Gold, B.C., Meet Helena 

June 2015

Features: Global F.A.S.T. Using Ultrasound in Dogs and Cats as an Extension of Your Physical Exam- Part 2, Education Events Across Canada, Join the Exclusive Logiq Club, The New Classroom (options for Vet CE), Our Newest Product Vet/IV Infusion, Alberta, Meet Esther.

March 2015

Features: Henry Schein Acquisition, Global F.A.S.T. Using Ultrasound in Dogs and Cats as an Extension of Your Physical Exam, Education Events Across Canada, Forkless Plates for TTA, Hematology Sample, Handling Tips, Manitoba, Meet Julie

December 2014
Features: See through to the future by leasing medical equipment, Important information about our new name and new logo, 2015 continuing education schedule & Holiday message & donations

September 2014
Features: A New Approach: The Rise of Bioabsorbable Implants in Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery, Get the scil Vet Novations Ap and stay in touch, Learning & Leisure:What a fun way to get your CE!, NEW! Digital Dental CR!

June 2014
Features: A Vets Perspective: The In-House Lab Suite Focusing On a Healthy Practice, A New Era Starts Today! A partnership formed between Everost and scil VetNovations, 2014 Fall Education schedule, Add up the savings promotion

March 2014
Features: Radial Fractures in Toy Breeds, It's our Anniversary- find out how we are celebrating, why Canadian Veterinarians love their Vet abc & Vet abc plus hematology analyzers

December 2013
Features: Meeting Clients’ Expectations Through Equipment Financing, Continuing Education: So many opportunities for every budget & schedule, Holiday donations

September 2013
Features: Small Animal Dental Radiology, A day at the aquarium, & Good salesmen don't wear jogging pants part 2 (tips for marketing your practice) June 2013 Features: Good salesmen don't wear jogging pants (tips for marketing your practice), Three step Guide to Safeguarding your data, Tips for cost efficient backup & disaster recovery

March 2013
Features: Canine Cruciate Ligament Disease: A common orthopedic problem

December 2012
Features: Veterinary ultrasound & the general practitioner, Radiation protection in the veterinary hospital

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