What our customers are saying...

"I wanted to thank every one at Vetnovations regarding the purchase and installation of our digital radiography system. The process was smooth and professional. I had been looking at various systems for about 1 year before I finally decided to go with the Konica CR. The ease of aquiring images is amazing and the quality of those images is truly remarkable. All of the staff at our 2 hospitals now actually enjoy taking radiographs and we are more likely to take those images as opposed to avoid them. Well done and thanks again for all the support."


“We are very pleased with our CR system. No more going through films to find past radiographs or play with chemicals. With the CR system you get your results quickly and clear. When troubleshooting is required the staff at Vet Novations are always there to help and are very pleasant to deal with. If you choose to purchase a CR system as we did, you will not be disappointed."


 “The Vet Novations in-house hematology and chemistry systems have allowed my clinic to increase overall efficiency, speed to result and meet increasing client expectations. The systems work from whole blood which means no sample preparation! I can get a full CBC in 90 seconds and a Chemistry profile within 10 minutes, which makes it possible to deliver results during the appointment when required.

Our practice relies heavily on the systems accuracy and excellent track record, giving me confidence in depending on and relaying results to my patients. The ability to synch so well with the computer system and have results uploaded to the file instantaneously means there is no room for unbilled blood work. This system has greatly improved our clinical services and allows us to offer the best possible patient care – I don’t know how we lived without it.”


"The results are so quick and reliable. It's great to be able to offer pre-anesthetic testing the day of surgery for elective procedures and when sick animals are seen we can have the results before the owner has left the building."


"The scil Vet abc is a simple, user friendly machine. It uses very little sample and processes results in record time. I also appreciate how up-to-date the machine is with industry standards."


"The vet abc is easy to use, and so fast our patients have results in less time than it took to draw the blood! It's fantastic!"


"There are many reasons. It provides quick accurate results in a timely manner. This in turn gives us confidence to proceed with anesthesia or diagnose an animals illness. In the end it allows us to provide great care to our patience and make there "people" happy."


" Very easy to install and love the fact that we get results immediately. Very simple maintenance program and Vet Novations staff always very helpful if and when a problem occurs"


Reliable results can be obtained from difficult blood samples (i.e. Lipemic or hemolized)


"Our ABC machine is very dependable with easy to read results. We're very happy that a small sample size is required especially when it needs to be obtained from a fractious cat. The machine is very low maintenance and user-friendly we found technical support very helpful and considerate for the occasional times we have needed assistance."


" because we receive rapid accurate results which is especially helpful for critical cases.  We love how easy and reliable it is. Its ease-of-use is extremely helpful in training new team members. We also love that the results are easily integrated into our Avimark medical history files for future reference and medical history archiving"


"It gives us results rapidly, while the client is waiting, and allows us to formulate a treatment plan on the spot. Those results are also consistently accurate when compared to controls run at outside labs."