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Endo-i Veterinary Endoscope

Endo-i Veterinary Endoscope

Product description

Wireless. Portable. Convenient.

The Endo-i® Veterinary Endoscope has been designed specifically for today’s veterinary community. Our innovative scopes allow you to unplug from antiquated, wired endoscopy systems to enter a new world of procedural freedom.

Lighter. Brighter. Smarter.

  • It’s lighter weighing 10kg in its robust yet portable case filled with all the peripherals you and your Endo-i® need to perform a successful examination.
  • It’s brighter at 26 lumens the Endo-i® light source is impressive and automatically adjusts according to the body cavity you are examining, but it doesn’t end there! The image you see on the tablet and the one you capture (either static or moving) is HD resolution so no more grainy images.
  • It works smarter so you don’t have to. Not only do you have a high performance endoscope, with it's intuitive app technology it offers image and video capture in HD which can be added to your PMS or stored in the cloud.

Manage your endoscopy procedures with ease using the Endo-i app.

Everything you need to manage your procedure is just a click away. You can easily manage patient data and procedures in one convenient place. Images and photos from your procedures are automatically exported to the tablet’s photo library.