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Versana Active™

Versana Active™

Product description

Advanced. Capable. Adaptable.

Utilizing the latest in software-based GPU beamformer ultrasound technology, the Versana Active™ ultrasound system delivers the imaging capabilities of an advanced console system in a hand-carried, lightweight package. Weighing less than 5kg, don’t let the Versana’s™ size fool you - it is capable of high-end abdominal and cardiac imaging with over ten veterinary transducers available. It boasts a high defi nition 15.6” LED display, and operates on a solid-state hard drive utilizing GE’s latest imaging algorithms for exceptional image resolution and performance. This includes GE’s proprietary computed harmonic imaging (CHI), CrossXBeam compound imaging, and SRI speckle reduction.

GE’s Patented Whizz Image Tuning

With GE’s patented Whizz image tuning, simply touch the Whizz button on your console once. Without pressing it again, Whizz continuously and automatically optimizes your image, even as you move from one organ or structure to another, greatly simplifying each ultrasound study.

Continuing Education

We believe continuing education is the key to success. Our onsite installation and training is performed by Veterinary sonographers, and is tailored to your clinics skill level. Looking to improve your ultrasound skills further? We offer a vast array of ultrasound courses including: basic to advanced abdominal ultrasound, organ-focused abdominal ultrasound, basic to advanced echocardiography, F.A.S.T ultrasound and musculoskeletal ultrasound. Learn more