Solo Step Heartworm Tests

Solo Step Heartworm Tests

Product description

The ONLY 1-Step Heartworm Tests

Solo Step CH and Solo Step FH Heartworm Tests are lateral flow immunoassays for the detection of heartworm antigens (canine test) and the detection of antibodies to heartworm (feline test) in serum, plasma or anti-coagulated whole blood. When only a heartworm test is warranted, Solo Step tests provide an inexpensive and extremely accurate one-step process for heartworm detection. Read more

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Have you considered all of your alternatives for testing?

  • Ease of use
  • Only 3 drops of whole blood required 
  • Long shelf life - 18-24 months - Stock up for next year! 
  • No refrigeration required 
  • Results in just 5 minutes
  • Heartworm testing only: Don’t pay for tests you don’t need 
  • Cost effective and easy way to perform re-checks on positive patients • Tests available for both Feline and Canine
  • The ONLY Antibody Feline Heartworm test on the market today – The initial screening test of choice for felines
  • FREE LABORATORY CONFIRMATION TESTING available for any positive or questionable test results