scil points Power Boost

Register for our scil points Power Boost program and earn points for buying orthopedic implants from scil animal care company. Earn 1 scil point for every $10 you spend before taxes and shipping. Each month, your points will be automatically applied to your lease payment of your scil surgical power equipment. Each point has a value of $0.90. Buy more, save more towards a drill, saw or both. Collect your scil points with each orthopedic implant order and use them as a discount for up to 100% off your monthly lease payment.


How can I join the Power Boost Program?

We have 7 differenet Power Boost programs to fi t your clinic's needs and budget. Call your Orthopedic Specialist today or email us at ordersca(at) to find the program that's best for your clinic. Enjoy top of the line Aesculap Acculan 3Ti systems at a fraction of the price.

How can I collect scil points?

Collecting is easy and simple! Just purchase your orthopedic implants from scil animal care company and collect scil points automatically. Order by phone, fax or online at With every order we will add your points to your customer account. We update your scil points balance with every order

How can I check my scil points?

Find your latest scil points monthly balance easily at the bottom of your invoices

How can I redeem scil points?

You collect, we reward! Your points are automatically redeemed each month and applied to your lease payment for your scil surgical power equipment.

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