How can scil help your clinic with dental month?

Dental Radiology

Dental radiography is an important tool in the diagnosis of oral pathology. It is used to detect lesions primarily in and surrounding the roots of the teeth at or below the gum line. It can also be used to assess the integrity of the crown, and jaw bones to assess bony invasion of oral masses. Approximately two thirds of the tooth is located below the gingiva and radiography makes this portion of the teeth visible to the clinician.

With two sensor options we have the right solution for your veterinary clinics dental radiography needs.

scil DDX-R

scil’s DDX-R (Digital Dental X-Ray) software is built on the latest platform to ensure a top quality product and software longevity. The intuitive software is easy to use and contains all of the features you need to effectively implement Digital Dental X-Ray into your clinic today. The species selection upon acquisition renders the corresponding biological mounts, the viewing software allows you to view up to 6 images at a time on-screen and the advanced report tool allows you to create a custom report from anywhere within the software. This advanced software combined with a rugged USB dental sensor will convert your clinic from film to digital seamlessly with a solution that will stay current for years to come. Read more

ScanX Duo (CR)

The ScanX Duo Digital Imaging System with In-Line Erase is another innovative imaging product from ALLPRO Imaging, a leading manufacturer of veterinary equipment since 1962. The ScanX Duo is designed to process intraoral imaging plates. The device has been designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to give many years of dependable service. Read more

scil DDX-R 70

World’s best for digital 0.4 Focal Spot!scil DDX-R 70 is an innovative dental X-ray generator which meets the most stringent imaging requirements in the dental field, whether you are using high resolution digital receptors or the finest grain films in your Veterinary clinic. Read more

Dental Positioning Courses

Learn dental radiology positioning and interpretation for Vets and Vet Techs alike-bring your Vet Tech along and save 40% off their registration fee! Find courses near you now!

The Resources You Need

We have the resources your veterinary clinic needs from a dental radiography positioning guide to help you get started with your new equipment to articles like 

Small Animal Dental Radiography
Dental Radiography: Conventionally Readying Veterinary Dental Radiographs for Short-term and Long-term Interpretation Using the Casa Loma Mnemonic

Good health starts at the gumline

We know dental health is important, but do your clients? Help guide them through Periodental disease, treatment, and dental radiography with our three fold pamphlet (available on, and embed this complementary video on your website or play in your clinic's waiting room. 

20% off our Peridontal Pack for dental month

Save 20% on our periodontal pack for dental month! Similar instruments are colour coded for easy identification. Blade side indicators simplify finding your sharp edges.

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