Veterinary Orthopedic Implants

Veterinary Orthopedic Implants

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Veterinary Fracture Repair

Liberty Lock

Liberty Lock stainless trauma implants for veterinary fracture repair have the same locking mechanism as indicated in the Liberty Lock TPLO plates. The plates are very unique in that they can be contoured in all planes yet have rigidity close to limited contact plates. Between each screw location is bending zones to control where the bend occurs so not to damage the locking holes. The screw holes allow for 10 degrees of angulation in all directions.

Freedom Lock

Freedom Lock titanium trauma implants for veterinary fracture repair are the latest in locking technology and have an innovative mechanism that allows for 15˚ of freedom with screw placement. Unlike other systems, the screws do not cut their threads (leaving small chips of metal floating around), but instead have a unique thread profi le on the screw head that allows the screw to enter the plate threads at different angles.

Dynamic Compression, Limited Contact Compression & Specialty Plates

We carry a full line of DCP and LC DCP plates in a variety of sizes and lengths, including 2.4mm plates. Also take a look at the extensive line of specialty fracture plates available from distal femur plates to pancarpal arthrodesis plates.

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Radial Fx-Toy Breeds

TPLO - Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy


Liberty Lock

These innovative designs are made from the highest grade, medical stainless steel. Liberty Lock implants are Polyaxial and use standard AO-style locking screws manufactured by Everost. All of these plates have bending zones that allow for polyaxial locking and more accurate bending without putting stress on the metal. 

Freedom Lock

These titanium plates are the first to off er fixed angle locking with the freedom to change the angle if desired. The unique locking mechanism is set at a fixed angle but the angle can be changed by 15 degrees if desired to allow for ideal screw placement. The shape of the plate is novel, as well. The cranial nose on the distal part of the plate allows for desirable bone purchase in the center of the tibia. It also offers an additional angle to apply compression. 

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Lateral Stabilization


 The OrthoZip system uses continuous looped fiber eliminating the need for crimp tubes. It out performs monofilament and other fibers and is adjustable reducing your inventory costs. Read more

Lateral Suture

Everost’s Diamond Crimper delivers more holding power than any of the crimpers before it! Calibrated to deliver the perfect crimp every time, it isn’t dependent on hand strength. Choose from a selection of nylon and crimp tubes based on your patient’s requirements.

TTA - Tibial Tuberosity Advancement

Xorption TTA

The Xorption line of cages are manufactured using the highest grade of proven bioabsorbable polymers which bioabsorb leaving only natural bone behind. With the novel “quick clip” the surgeon is no longer constrained to a specific wing size. The Xorption Cages allows the surgeon to pick the correct wing size for the patient and attach the wing onto the desired cage size. Read more


The Adaptta line of cages are manufactured using the highest grade of proven biocompatible metals. This system from Everost is suited nicely with their forkless TTA plates. With the novel “quick clip” the surgeon is no longer constrained to a specific wing size. The AdapTTA Cages are cuttable in length reducing your inventory size and cost.

Classic TTA

The classic TTA line from Aesculap includes titanium implants. Th is system uses a fork and plate along with a titanium cage. Th ese cages come in sizes 3mm - 15mm including the popular 1/2 sizes. Choose the length of cage that best suits your patient.

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EverGraft Injectable Bone Putty

  • 100% Real bone in a putty carrier 
  • Injectable 2.5 cc syringe allows for easy placement into any void or defect site 
  • Easy room temperature storage and 2 year shelf life
  • Fastest & most effective bone healing 
  • EverGraft stays in the site even under vigorous irrigation 
  • Putty carrier leaves the site in the first few days, creating space around the bone chips for vascular ingrowth and inward migration of cells