Element i

Element i

Product description

Veterinary Immunodiagnostic Analyzer

The Element i uses ground breaking, fluorescence immunoassay technology to ensure impressive sensitivity for accurate detection of Total T4, TSH and Cortisol in Veterinary medicine. Its small foot print and impressive test time of 10 minutes or less per analyte makes it the perfect addition to your Veterinary clinic's in house laboratory.

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Total T4: Screen for hyper or hypothyroidism and monitor patients being treated for thyroid disorders.

TSH: Following abnormal Total T4 result, test TSH for immediate in-house hypothyroidism confirmation.

Cortisol: Screen for Cushing’s or Addison’s Disease.

Bile Acids: Testing for serum bile acids is now available on the Element i as a single panel, run independently of other testing parameters, and using the most accurate fluorescence methodologies for fully quantitative results. Now you can better and more economically qualify hepatic disease in-house, without repeating unnecessary analytes!