Online Basic Curriculum

This course will offer an introduction to ultrasound theory, equipment, and technique and the practicalities of this invaluable modality in your practice.

The first four modules cover the Basic Physics of Ultrasound-physics principles, sound, frequency, wavelength, artifacts, equipment and knobology. The Physics modules are a pre-requisite for the 5 Basic Abdominal Modules – Introduction and preparation - Bladder, Kidneys, Spleen and Liver, where you will learn the approach and the anatomy of each along with required images, and normal variances that come with a proper interrogation of each organ.

 Once completing all of the courses on-line you will be required to complete a homework assignment in full and submit your assignment and required images to a qualified scil animal care company Instructor for marking and evaluation. You will also be required to attend a scan only course to apply your knowledge practically while scanning live animals.

This course offers 4 CE credits.


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