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Digital X-Ray in Action at a Veterinary Clinic

See scil's veterinary digital x-ray in action

Ultrasound and Laboratory Diagnostics in Action at a Veterinary Clinic

See scil's in-house lab and portable ultrasound at work!

Follow an Orthopedic case with scil animal care company's surgical implants & tools

Pre-anesthetic testing, Surgical power tools, orthopedic implants and more


Veterinary Laboratory Diagnostics

scil Vet abc Plus+

Element HT5

EUROLyser solo

Element POC

Element DC


Veterinary Surgical Power Equipment

Cleaning Your 3Ti Drill 

3Ti Battery Charging Unit 

Using the K Wire Attachment for Your 3Ti Drill 

Removing Sagittal Saw Blades 

Placing the Battery in Your 3Ti Drill 

Removing 3Ti Drill Attachments 

Veterinary Orthopedics

Liberty Lock Fracture Repair

Liberty Lock TPLO

Xorption Veterinary Orthopedic Implants

Veterinary Software




scil vet academy

Join our Radiology Retreat

We had a great time in Cozumel

Learn veterinary ultrasound anywhere, any time

Veterinary Otoscope

A look at the Firefly Otoscope in action

A look at the Firefly DE551 Wireless Veterinary Video Otoscope

A look inside an ear with ear mites with the Firefly Video Otoscope 

Veterinary Ultrasound


Transducers for the Logiq e Veterinary Ultrasound

A look inside a clinic with a veterinary ultrasound from GE