Veterinary Orthopedics

Liberty Lock Fracture Repair

Liberty Lock stainless trauma implants have the same locking mechanism as indicated in the Liberty Lock TPLO plates. The plates are very unique in that they can be contoured in all planes yet have rigidity close to limited contact plates. Find out more >

Liberty Lock TPLO

These innovative designs are made from the highest grade, medical stainless steel. Liberty Lock implants are Polyaxial and use standard AO-style locking screws manufactured by Everost. Find out more >

scil Points 

Register for our scil points program and earn points for buying orthopedic implants from scil animal care company. Find out more >

Xorption Orthopedic Implants

Xorption cages are manufactured using the highest grade of  bioabsorbable polymers which bioabsorb leaving only natural bone behind. With the novel “quick clip” the surgeon is no longer constrained to a specific wing size.  Find out more >

OrthoZip Lateral Stabilization

 The OrthoZip system uses continuous looped fiber eliminating the need for crimp tubes. It out performs monofilament and other fibers and is adjustable reducing your inventory costs. Find out more >