Logiq e Veterinary Ultrasound How To Videos

System Overview

Cart overview

Keyboard overview

Function keys

On screen display

GE Cares - How to find your system ID

Mode functions


Connecting a transducer

Perform An Exam

Entering patient data

How to end an exam

Select exam & transducer

Using the L4-12t button probe

Measurements & Annotations



Image Management

Save single and cine images

How to print an image

How to safely eject a USB

How to delete a patient from your hard drive

Importing & exporting images

How to store a single image to a jump drive

How to review patient images from the hard drive

Key Features


Needle recognition

Virtual convex

IMT (Carotid)

Patient follow-up tool with fusion

Split screen

Colour quantification

Raw data

Image Optimizations

B-Mode controls


M-mode controls

Colour quantification parameter controls

Colour flow

High-res PDI

Pulsed doppler controls